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eBay Market Research

The objective of Auction Harvest & Terapeak is to enable the eBay community by providing quick, accurate & affordable eBay marketplace research. It has evolved into the most accurate and in-depth provider of eBay statistics & research. By receiving hundreds of millions of auction details from eBay, the services provide up-to-date and 100% reliable information about the eBay environment.

Take your eBay sales to the next level or discover the products that will make YOU money! Click the links below for more information:

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As well as providing invaluable resources for eBay Sellers we help buyers save money on eBay with SMART SHOPPER. This totally FREE tool allows buyers to locate and evaluate the best deals on eBay. In a matter of seconds SMART SHOPPER will go through all of the live listings on eBay.com and only return the best deals that relate to your keyword!


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Simply enter a product name and press Find Now - the results will appear in a new window. Currently works with the following site: eBay USA To bid on any lot you will have to be registered at eBay - if you haven't opened an account yet then please click here to register. To improve your chances of winning any eBay Auction why not try out our Free Auction Sniper - Auction Lotsnipe.

See what the experts are saying about this eBay research:

"There is no other research package that gives such a streamlined, concise and rich set of information about the eBay market"
Peter Wohl, ImagineThisSold

"Nothing else compares to the speed and depth of Terapeak when researching eBay's hottest products"
Scott Prock, The Powersellers Report

"we can demonstrate to our clients that we know what to expect from the eBay market."

eBay Research Tools Page Product Features Research Signup


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